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The Three Principles of Purpose

EarthLighters believe humanity is here for a Purpose, You have a Purpose. So far our species has wandered lost, little more than apes with guns and shovels, destroying our home world to accumulate goods that don’t actually make us feel good. We believe we have a much higher calling, one that if adopted would forever change us in the best ways possible.

We break that Purpose down into three aspects or Principles:

To preserve and advance human civilization

No matter the headlines, we believe human beings are basically good, and given the chance can be even better. We believe we can the apply lessons of history and create the next level of civilization.

To protect and expand the domain of life

To us all life as precious. Be it everywhere or nowhere, for now we can only be sure it exists here. To us it is our job and duty to not only preserve the MotherWorld, but to expand the domain of her life to places now dead.

To explore and experience the universe

Whatever one’s religious beliefs, there is something utterly amazing about our existence – against all odds. Thus we feel it is our Purpose to explore and experience every and all things it has to offer. To live!

Our Mission

The Mission of EarthLight is to support the expansion of life and humanity beyond the Earth by creating, catalyzing and managing projects and activities that lead to a new conversation causing public inspiration, education and action to accelerate the human settlement of space – even as we protect and expand the domain of life and humanity here on the MotherWorld.

Who We Are

The Earthlight Foundation (ELF) is a globally oriented non-profit, non-partisan organization founded to support the expansion of life and humanity beyond the Earth by providing vision, leadership, credibility and a new social and spiritual context to the New Space Revolution.

The organization is run by a small core team encompassing broad field expertise relevant to space exploration, settlement, engineering and communications. ELF is minimalist in management structure to remain flexible and drive effective execution.

Our Vision

ELF believes the Purpose of living is to treasure and celebrate life, to explore everywhere that we can, to always push beyond what is known, to seek, to learn, to live and carry life with us where it does not exist, experiencing all that can be seen, touched and known of this incredible universe.

Our credo

“To carry the light of life to places now dark, the seeds of life to places now dead, and the eyes, hands and minds of humanity to places yet unseen, untouched and unknown.”

About Us

Founded by noted space Visionary, activist and business leader Rick Tumlinson, EarthLight is quietly working to instill a new way of thinking, or at least put into words the the spiritual and core values of what many call the Space Revolution or NewSpace. As we open the High Frontier of space to everyone, we see a once in all of time opportunity to re-invent our society as we become citizens of the Universe, to become, almost literally, our Higher selves.


The EarthLight Foundation is focused on developing a shared sense of Purpose for humanity, yet we are also engaged in a select group of projects that either support this goal, or enable others to participate in both this new conversation, and the actual work of opening the universe to humanity. The EarthLight Endowment and Space Declaration are supported by ELF. The New Worlds Institute is for those who are or want to get “hand on” to help design the systems and tech needed on the High Frontier.

The EarthLight Endowment

The Space Declaration

New Worlds Institute

Download the Declaration

Read/Download a poster version of the Space Declaration to hang on your wall or give to friends.


ELF is about celebration, of ideas, people, life, exploration and new ways of being. EarthLight events are not your typical…anything…. Each one is of the highest standard in their field, be it an academic event, a business plan competition, or workshop. We provide the intellectual and spiritual campfire around which this new tribe can gather, to learn, to trade ideas, to show what we can do, and yes, to party!
Space Cowboy Ball

Space Cowboy Ball

A fundraiser, barbecue, awards ceremony, and off the hook costume dance party, honouring our space heroes and leaders of STEAM space education blends with a party that’s been called “Burning Man on a rocketship”. Past winners  of the prestigious Space Cowboy Award include Jeff Bezos, Buzz Aldrin and the Former Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

New Worlds Conference

One of the hottest events in the global space calendar and the tribal gathering of those who will Go. Blending technical sessions, space business plan competitions, TED style talks with space art and music, New Worlds is unlike any other space event – a “must attend” gathering of anyone really opening space and those who want to join the space tribe.

What We Have Done

While minimalist in structure, our dedicated team has leveraged the tools we have to accomplish great things.

Pioneering Space Summit

Our first event, the Summit was held in Washington D.C. in early 2015. We brought together US top space leaders, from left and right, private space and NASA to unite under the idea that the human development and settlement of space was the prime goal of America’s human spaceflight program.
The event was the harbinger and partial cause of a sea change in NASA and US space policy, as permanence, space resources and commercial space activities are now central to the government space program and agenda.

STEAM Space Education

Starting alongside the “adult” track at New Worlds, the Cities In Space conference was designed to create interaction between those “doing space” today and the young people who dream of making space happen tomorrow. The event features an inclusive approach, engaging students of all types with all types of interests to design their own Cities in Space. With over 2000 students having participated, STEAM Space Education was spun off into its own organization in 2019, while still holding its leadership event parallel to New Worlds.