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“To carry the light of life to places now dark, the seeds of life to places now dead, and the eyes, hands and minds of humanity to places yet untouched and unexplored.”
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EarthLighters believe the purpose of living is to treasure and celebrate life, to explore everywhere that we can, to always push beyond what is known, to seek, to learn, to carry life with us where it does not exist, and to experience all that can be seen, touched and known of this incredible universe.

We believe in a future of unlimited possibility and abundance created by the human imagination, powered by the resources of space, and made real using principles of democratic free enterprise.


Space Conference, Symposium,  and Ball

November 5 – 7, 2020

The Space Cowboy Ball

Saturday, November 16,2019 @ 7 PM

In 2019, the award was presented to Dr. “Buzz” Aldrin, member of the Apollo mission to the Moon, and longtime activist for the human exploration and settlement of space. Who will win this year?

Join us and find out!

The previous year, we honoured Jeff Bezos and his team at Blue Origin on developing space infrastructure, with past winners including: Etienne Schneider, the Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg for his support of space resource development, including a $200 million investment fund, and the first non-US space resource national policy; and Dr. Pete Worden of the Breakthrough Prize Foundation for his lifelong work on space projects, ranging from one of the first missions to find water on the Moon to the DC-X re–usable rocket and many others.

It’s 2120. You’re invited to a formal affair at a space colony on the Moon or Mars. What on Earth (or space) will you wear? The first three Space Cowboy Balls were a rousing success. The fourth edition will be a must-attend event of both the space and Austin celebrity year.
Space has been too boring for too long. We are committed to both the technology and culture of tomorrow. From tux to tech, all are welcome to our celebration of the future. It’s a little like a second Halloween, this time for grown ups, space geeks and cos play gamers. From the Expanse to Serenity, Star Wars to Star Trek, and all the best science fiction futures in between, come join us on a micro-Burning Man rocket ride. We’ll give out some awards, eat some great barbeque and then we Party!

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