What We Believe

EarthLighters believe humanity is here for a Purpose. We believe that You have a Purpose. To put it simply, we can break that Purpose down into three aspects:

To preserve and advance human civilization and culture

No matter the headlines, we believe human beings are basically good, and given the chance can be even better. We have barely begun to realize who and what we are, and even as we have made many mistakes, we are optimistic that given the chance to grow, to reinvent and re-imagine ourselves offered by opening the Frontier of space we can the apply lessons of history and create the next level of civilization.

To preserve, protect and expand the domain of life

We see life as precious. No matter how many worlds are out there where it may exist, we are only certain of one of them. The MotherWorld of Earth is alive, yet since the rise of civilization we have taken what we need from her no matter the consequences. EarthLighters believe we must transform that way of thinking. We go beyond environmentalism. To us it is our job and duty to not only preserve this world, but to expand the domain of her life to places now dead.

To enable the universe to know of itself, by our exploration and experience of all it has to offer

Whatever one’s religious beliefs, there is something utterly amazing about our existence – against all odds. And regardless of how we (or any other sentient beings out there) came into that existence, it is by and through us that the universe becomes aware of itself. Thus we feel it is our Purpose to explore and experience every and all things it has to offer.