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Space Development Matrix


The SDM is a global, interactive, expert community driven and systematic approach to human development and settlement in space. It provides an overview of the challenges ahead with the ability to track and focus on very specific pathways and possible routes forward in all areas of human activity in space – including the actual tools needed to do so – no matter the location. SDM provides an organic, peer managed and evolving technological roadmap to settling the Moon, Mars, and/or Free space. It is also the ultimate networking, source of mutual support and toolbox for those working to build the first human colonies in space.


When building a house or even a skyscraper, every architect and contractor begins with a clear understanding of everything that will be needed to build it, make it operable for its purpose. No one ever undertakes such an endeavor without being part of an already existing culture, system and community that has already worked through essential issues over time, set basic rules, tested ideas and shared a communal level of knowledge and wisdom. They also understand the local and national building codes, and have a catalog to source components for the building, and each level of supply leading to that sourcing is able to source its own needs and has its own standards all the way back to the basic and raw resources. As the planning and construction proceed, experts with experience in the region can advise on the designs and materials that work best in that climate and environment.

As construction nears completion, familiar punch lists will guide review of whether the as-built facility actually meets the contract specifications. This includes every possible material, component and system that makes up the completed structure, from foundation to roof, from raw materials to detailed electronics and other technologies, and from the overall architectural construction to the workings of the toilets. This checklist, when completely “punched” indicates that a building is ready for occupation and use.


There are no building codes, parts catalogs or punch lists for any place where a significant number of people might live, work or play in space, let alone any existing or thought out supply chain or the infrastructure needed to build a functioning community.

And so, although we have people in space right now, to date the rest of the universe beyond Earth is treated as a place to visit – not a place to live – and so, the needed infrastructure for human occupation has focused on foray technology – not settlement technology (“settlertech”). We are good at camping in the back yard. We can even send out the space equivalent of caravan trailers to visit exotic locations. But we do not know how to utilize local resources, or build and operate permanent buildings, let alone the infrastructure needed to establish permanent communities.


The space development matrix (SDM) is a collaborative initiative to support, enable and co-ordinate researchers, developers and builders, including university or government teams, private firms and other groups or individuals from around the world collaborating to both feed into the planning of and check off the boxes on the human settlement punch list. 

Be it a drill bit for Lunar ice mining or an oxygen scrubber for use throughout the solar system, the goal of the SDM is to be able at some point to “check off” that node as being accomplished – at least to a basic level – and to establish its utility in other locations – if such utility exists. 


For simplicity sake the SDM can be visualized as an interactive website combined with a a library or Space Settlement Wiki at its base, although it is far more, as we imagine workshops, on site demonstrations, and eventually actual test habitats and facilities being built that are a product of and wired into the SDM community – with a global team of experts interacting with the hands on – on site teams doing the construction and eventually operating the systems.

It is planned that the SDM be an organic and growing, self regulating and moderated group of peers, using the latest in collaboration software, including blockchain technologies and working across borders yet within international legal and technology protection strictures.

Platform Concept & Design by PixelPromenade