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Free Space

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About Us

Our Vision

A future of unlimited possibility and abundance created by the human imagination, powered by the resources of space and made real using principles of democratic free enterprise.

Our Goal

The development of all the science, systems, tools, technologies, methods and knowledge needed to build self – sustaining and prosperous human communities beyond the Earth – even as we apply those tools and knowledge to save the Earth.

Our Mission

To identify, catalyze and communicate those tipping point decisions and actions that cause the opening of the space frontier as quickly as possible, and to identify, catalyze, develop and support those ideas, people and projects that enable and accelerate the development of prosperous and free human communities and economies beyond the Earth.

Who We Are

We are the doers of space.

The Members and Associates of the New Worlds Institute are dedicated to opening the space frontier in our lifetime. We are all kinds of people from all around this world who are working to open the next. From major scientists and students to engineers and entrepreneurs we are rolling up our sleeves to blaze and pave the critical path to the frontier.

We leave the politics and policies to others. Our job is to figure it out. We believe that anyone can have a good idea, and that those ideas can be born anywhere. We are working to find these ideas, to vet them and filter them through rigorous interactions with experts in the field and then to plug them into an overall matrix that will become the infrastructure of the frontier.

Our Projects

Space Development Matrix

A punch list for extending the life of Earth. A virtual platform providing a view from 50,000 feet above and tools to bring together scientists and engineers for interdisciplinary collaboration on the steps and building blocks needed.

New Worlds Conference

It is the goal of the New Worlds Institute to help build the first settlements beyond the Earth within 20 years. To accelerate this next step in humanity’s journey, we created what was missing – an event that brings together both government and private sector leaders in science, technology, business, culture, and education to discuss the settlement of new worlds.

Our Events

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