Explore and Experience
the Universe

Whatever one's religious beliefs, there is something utterly fantastic about our existence.

Against all odds, from nothing we have become...something. We believe that regardless of how we (or any other sentient beings out there) came into existence, it is by and through us that the Universe becomes aware of itself.

Without life, the Universe is dead. It is all simply dead rocks and energy. Without consciousness, the Universe simply exists. We give it meaning; we bring things like love, joy, and wonder to what otherwise is just an infinity of energy and rocks. 

What an exciting role is offered to us, those lonely apes who have dared to look up and dream. But we have to make it happen. It's about putting down our swords and reaching for the stars. It's about getting off the couch, as people and a civilization, and stepping out to create our destiny by seeing, touching, tasting, and experiencing anything and everything there is to be experienced.

EarthLighters believe we are the mind and heart of the Universe. We feel we are Called to explore and experience everything the Universe has to offer, so let's begin. Now.


To provide a core belief system for humanity, our relationships with each other, and the family of life - based on an understanding of who we have been and our aspirations about how much more we can become - as we enter the Universe.

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EarthLight basic Membership is free! If you agree and believe in what you see here, share your contact info with us for updates, events, products and opportunities to get more involved. We want your heart, mind and hands, not your wallet - of course, we do welcome donations!

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ELF is a Tribe. You are invited to join. And we also put on some great events - even if you don't. The New Worlds Conference and Faire and Space Cowboy Ball are Oct. 28-29 in Austin, Texas. 2-3 days of some of thhe best speakers, art and entertainment in the space community.

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