The Earthlight Endowment


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A Frontier for All

ELE is a permanent endowment supporting space education and research for/by under-represented groups, such as ethnic, LGBTQ and indigenous people.

We All have the Right Stuff!

So let’s make sure everyone has a chance to show it!

Our Mission

Create a permanent and self-growing fund that becomes a perpetual wellspring of support for both the education of our young and future space pioneers, focused on under-represented groups in the space community – and to support pioneering work to use space to save the Earth and clear their path to The Frontier.

Who is the NEXT PIONEER?

We don’t know where the next Elon Musk will come from, we do know that she is out there and just needs a chance to take off!

The Seed that Feeds Itself

In the long run, it is better to plant a seed than eat it.

 There are so many good causes out there. You donate, and your money is spent and gone. Your donation to the EarthLight Endowment is designed to literally be the gift that keeps on giving. Once your donation is made, we will never touch it again. Instead, we will use the funding it generates through interest and investment, to both support our work, and to re-invest and continue to grow our ability to fund ever more programs, projects, awards, grants and prizes.

Think about it. It is quite possible the donation you make to ELE today will still be generating good a hundred years from now.

 Our plan is simple:

1. Raise the initial fund of US$100k

2. One year after achieving the first US$100k, we disburse 25% of the investment and growth over principle. 

3. 25% of the investment and growth over principle covers overhead and “marketing” to grow the endowment.

4. 50% of the investment and interest-based growth is redeposited into the endowment.

Detailed Example

One year after the first US$100k is raised, assuming a healthy 10% rate of growth based on its investments, ELE will have grown by US$10k. (We expect a portion of our donors to utilize crypto coins such as BTC. Fiat/USD funds will be invested professionally in a diversified portfolio and managed by a trusted third party.)

Of this $10k, $5k will be redeposited, and $5k will be split between funding projects and overhead.

This doesn’t sound like much. But broken into ten $500 prizes presented to children of underrepresented groups in space from around the world who have won space design and art contests, it means a lot.

As ELE grows, we will use the same formula to fund small Earth – Space research projects and offer ever-larger prizes and other incentives to create breakthroughs in important areas. Again, the same concept applies. We start with small amounts focused on recipients for whom the funds make major differences and grow our giving over time.

As ELE reaches larger goals such as a $5M threshold, a portion of its growth over principle will support “green” research by the New Worlds Institute. However, even this support will be focused on work undertaken by underrepresented groups.

Using our amazing volunteer PR and fundraising team, we will build on these early successes and grow ELE into a major source of support for space education and research projects.

The Gift that Literally Keeps on Giving

Just like the life we so treasure, the goal of ELE is to grow, expand and reproduce excellence in an ever expanding community of young dreamers and the Doers they will become.