Day One

Friday, November 9

7:00 AM
Registration Opens

8:45 AM

Sitar Jam by Aaron Hermes, Audio Telepathy

9:00 AM

Rick Tumlinson – Founder New Worlds, Space Fund, Co-Founder Space Frontier Foundation

9:15 AM

Dr. Phil Metzger – Co-Founder NASA KSC SwampWorks, Planetary Scientist at UCF Florida Space Institute

9:30 AM

Keynote: Space Entrepeneurship, Past, Present, and Future
Dr. Andrew Aldrin – Director, Aldrin Space Institute
Florida Institute of Technology

10:00 AM

S.T.A.R. Talk: Asgardia – The Space Nation
Lena de Winne, PhD – CEO, Asgardia

10:15 AM

Interactive: Sharks in Space
Space Business Plan Competition (to be voted on by attendees)

11:00 AM

Break – Doors Open to Cities in Space Student Displays
Walk around and discover in an open forum the design projects the Cities in Space students built to participate in the 2018 Cities in Space competition. Students share their space colony models highlighting the designs and technologies the next generation will use to colonize new worlds.

11:45 AM

Interactive: Sharks in Space
Space Business Plan Competition (to be voted on by attendees)

12:30 PM

Special Presentation
James Pricer – Generative Artist, JEPricer Studio

12:45 PM

VIP Luncheon/Speaker Event
Joe Quirk – President, SeaSteading Institute

1:15 PM

Students Enter – View Only

2:15 PM

S.T.A.R. Talk

Richard Citron – Senior Partner, Citron and Deutsch Law

2:30 PM

The Frontier Papers
Academic Paper Presentations (to be voted on by attendees)

Papers to be Presented
  • Paper #1:
    MARSHA – Our Vertical Martian Future
    By Jeffrey Montes – Space Architect, AI SpaceFactory
  • Paper #2:
    SPELUNC – Systematic Planetary Explorer to Locate Undiscovered Natural Caves
    By James Philippi – Lone Star College CyFair
  • Paper #3:
    Extraction of Titan Resources for Parametric Propulsion and Survivability
    By Zain A. Koita – SICSA, University of Houston
  • Paper #4:
    Utilization of Payload Shrouds for Minimalist Space Station Habitats
    By Leonardo A. Guzman – SICSA, University of Houston
  • Paper #5:
    Space Resources, Investments and Raising Capital for Enhancing Space Settlement
    By Kapil Galla, John Kemeny, and Remigio Arteaga – University of Arizona
  • Paper #6:
    Practical Mars Terraforming for Effective Backup Biosphere
    By John Strickland
3:30 PM
Discussion: Diversity in Space (Astronauts to Entrepreneurs)
Chair: Meagan Crawford – Managing Partner, SpaceFund
Negar Feher – VP of Product and BD, Momentus
Rachel Lyons – Director of Strategic Partnerships, Space for Humanity
Ayşe Ören – Founder & Chief Architect, DesignArt, Turkey
4:30 PM

Networking Break

4:45 PM

S.T.A.R. Talk
Alexander McDonald – NASA Senior Economic Advisor, Office of the Administrator

5:00 PM

Discussion: Free Space – The Land Between Worlds
Chair: Dustin Boyer – Commercialization Manager, Strategic Analysis
Jeremy Schiel – Co-Founder and Global Business Development Officer, OrbitalFab
Joe Carroll – President, Tether Applications, Inc.
Grant Bonin – Chief Technology Officer and Principal Engineer, Deep Space Industries

6:00 PM

Special Presentation: Ban the Can, Pan the Pen
Dr. James Logan 
– Former NASA Senior Flight Surgeon & CEO, Space Enterprise Institute

6:30 PM

Awards for Best Papers and Best Business Plan

7:00 PM

Event Closes

Evening Program

7:00 – 9:00 PM

Screening – Chesley Bonestell: A Brush With The Future
(open to the public, register here)

8:00 PM
Blues Uber to 6th Street Music Venues (separate tickets available at event registration)
11:00 PM

Blues Uber Return to Hotel

Day Two

Saturday, November 10

Morning – Return to the Moon

8:00 AM
Registration Opens

8:50 AM

Opening – Return to the Moon (Again)Opening – Day 2
Rick Tumlinson – Founder New Worlds, SpaceFund, Co-Founder Space Frontier Foundation

9:00 AM

Opening Keynote
Dr. Bonnie Dunbar – NASA Astronaut, Director at TEES Institute for Engineering
Education and Innovation (IEEI), Director Aerospace Human Systems Laboratory

9:30 AM

Keynote: A New Plan for the Moon
Brent Sherwood – Program Manager, Solar System Mission Formulation, NASA JPL

10:00 AM

S.T.A.R. Talk: How and Why to Build the Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure
Michael Laine – Chief Strategic Officer, LiftPort Group

10:15 AM

Special Presentation: From HI-SEAS to MoonBase
Henk Rogers – Founder International MoonBase Alliance

10:30 AM

Keynote: Moon Direct
Dr. Robert Zubrin – Founder, Mars Society, Author, Mars Direct

11:00 AM
Networking Break

11:15 PM

The Frontier Papers – Best Paper Awards

11:30 AM

S.T.A.R. Talk: It’s Not About the Footprint, Stupid.
Michelle Hanlon – Co-Founder, For All Moonkind, Inc.

11:45 AM

Discussion: Who Owns the Moon? Law and Policy on the Frontier
Chair: Sagi Kfir – General Counsel, VP Policy and Co-Founder at Deep Space Industries
Dr. Andrea Harrington – Associate Professor of Military and Security Studies, Air Command and Staff College (Air University)
Austin Dula
 – Principal, Hunt Pennington Kumar & Dula
Ben Roberts – Vice President, Government Affairs, Moon Express

12:45 PM

VIP Luncheon/Speaker Event
Richard Garriott – Private Astronaut, Entrepreneur,
Video Game Developer, Author

Jancy McPhee – Executive Director, SciArt Exchange

Afternoon – Space Settlement Symposium

2:00 PM

Winners of the Project Mars International Film and Art Competition

2:15 PM

Frontier Update: Snapshots of Projects and Companies Opening the Frontier
Chair: Dennis Stone – Commercial Space Executive, NASA
Bart Womack – CEO, Eden Growth Systems
Mark Baskinger – Project Director, MoonArk
Luke Moloney – Upshot Space Delivery
Jeremy Schiel – Co-Founder and Global Business Development Officer, OrbitalFab

3:15 PM
Networking Break

3:30 PM

S.T.A.R. Talk: Drawing Utopia
Ayşe Ören – Founder & Chief Architect, DesignArt, Turkey

3:45 PM

Discussion: BlockChain Solutions for Space
Chair: Rick Tumlinson – Founder New Worlds, SpaceFund, Co-Founder Space Frontier Foundation
Nathan Johnson – Executive Director of the Texas Space Foundation
David A. Johnston – Chairman of the Board at Factom, Inc.
Colin Doughan – Founder and CEO of SpaceBridge Logistics

5:00 PM

Special Presentation: Sex (and Reproduction) in Space
Dr. Alexander Layendecker – Researcher, Human Sexuality & Reproduction Off-Earth
Yvette Gonzales – Managing Director, Gonzales Global Solutions, Scientist-Astronaut Candidate, Project PoSSUM

5:30 PM

Closing Words
Rick Tumlinson – Founder New Worlds, SpaceFund, Co-Founder Space Frontier Foundation

5:45 PM
Event Closes

Space Cowboy Ball Events

7:30 PM
Space Cowboy Ball – Doors Open
8:00 PM
Space Cowboy Ball – Awards Ceremony
Host: Cas Anvar – Actor, The Expanse
Alex Kamal, Pilot, Rocinante


  • Permission To Dream (Education)
  • Odyssey (Film/Television)
  • Odyssey (Literature)
  • Space Cowboy Award (Accomplishment)
10:00 PM
Space Cowboy Ball