New Worlds 2019

Austin, Texas Nov 15-16
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Space Settlement Conference




Join those who are making it happen. At New Worlds you ARE the action. Your Voice – Your Vote.


Space Settlement Conference




New Worlds 2019

Join those who are making it happen.

At New Worlds you ARE the action.

Your Voice – Your Vote.

New Worlds Conference Co-Chairs

Dr. Philip Metzger

Co-Founder NASA KSC SwampWorks/Planetary Scientist, UCF Florida Space Institute

Dr. Noah Raford

Chief Operating Officer/Futurist in Chief, Dubai Future Foundation

Richard Garriott

Private Astronaut/Entrepreneur/Video Game Developer/Author

New Worlds Conference Hosts

Rick Tumlinson

Founder, Earthlight Foundation/New Worlds Institute/SpaceFund

Haroon Oqab

Executive Director, EarthLight Foundation/New Worlds Institute

New Worlds Speakers & Special Guests

Cas Anvar

Actor, Co-Star Amazon’s “The Expanse” (Alex Kamal, Pilot, Rocinante)

Barbara Belvisi

Founder/CEO, Interstellar Lab

Dustin Boyer

Commercialization Manager,  DARPA

Richard Citron

Senior Partner, Citron and Deutsch Law Firm

Meagan Crawford

Managing Partner, SpaceFund

Jason Dunn

Co-Founder/Director, Made in Space, Inc.

Negar Feher

Vice President Product/Business Development, Momentus Space

Gavin Gillas

Managing Partner, Yeoman’s Growth Capital

Dr. Namrata Goswami

Senior Analyst, Goswami, Namrata/Subject Matter Expert, Futures Laboratory

Michelle Hanlon

Co-Founder, For All Moonkind, Inc./Associate Director, Air/Space Law, University of Mississippi

Tanya Harrison, PhD

Owner/Chief Scientist, Professional Martian LLC

David A. Johnston

Blockchain Thought Leader/Founder, Yeoman’s Capital

General Steven L. Kwast

Commander, Air Education/Training Command, USAF (“Top Gun”)

Irina Litchfield

Founder/CEO/CCO, BlockchainCubed

Dr. James Logan

Former NASA Senior Flight Surgeon/CEO, Space Enterprise Institute

Rachel Lyons

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Space for Humanity

Jancy McPhee, PhD

Space Educator/Executive Director, SciArt Exchange

Holly Melear

Co-Founder, STEAMspace

Jeffrey Montes

Co-Founder/Chief Space Architect/Head of Space Technology, AI SpaceFactory

Dr. Joel Mozer

Chief Scientist, US Air Force Space Command

Ayse Ören

Founder & Chief Architect DesignArt, Turkey

Bob Richards

Co-Founder/CEO of Moon Express

Khaki Rodway

Business Development, Masten Space Systems

Henk Rogers

Founder, International MoonBase Alliance

Gabriel Rothblatt

Founder, Society of Pastors Advocating for Celestial Exploration (SPACE)

Quest Skinner

Owner, Art by Quest Skinner

Dr. George Sowers

Professor, Space Resources, Colorado School of Mines

Ingrid Vanderveldt

Founder/CEO, Empowering a Billion Women by 2020 (EBW2020)

Bart Womack

CEO, Eden Growth Systems

Dr. Robert Zubrin

Founder, Mars Society/Author, Mars Direct

Musical Guests

Audio Telepathy

Emily Grace Clark

Fort Never







Space Bricks and Moon Mortar

The Art of Space

Farmers in the Sky

Special Interactive Session

EarthSavers of Space


Working on strategies, concepts and procedures to find, classify and render harmless potentially dangerous asteroids before they might hit Earth and cause mass extinction – also to analyze them and harvest, process, and utilize their precious resources in a safe orbit.


Developing ideas and technological approaches to harness the abundant and 24/7 available power of our Sun, solving most pressing energy issues on our planet’s surface. Taking pressure off Earth’s environment and sustainably unlocking new potential for our civilisation’s progress.


Theoretical exchange and practical research and development aiming on a first demonstrator to test if a shade in Earth’s orbit might be able to reduce the harming effects of global warming and buy our home planet a bit more time to solve man-made problems causing or adding to it.

Special Event

Sharks in Space

presented by

Up to 8 of the most exciting space startup companies will pitch their business plans to a panel of judges for the chance to win cash prizes. This is your chance to be a “shark” and help determine which business models should be funded.

Startups who are interested in competing can learn more here. 

Special Evening Event

The Space Cowboy Ball


Sat. Nov. 16, 2019 @ 7 PM, Bullock Texas State History Museum

Join us as we and our Celebrity Master of Ceremonies Cas Anvar (Captain of the Rocinante on “the Expanse”) honour the year’s best science fiction movies and TV shows at a cool and very special event, featuring artists, musicians, food and dance. We will also honour one of Texas’s top space educators and have a very special guest TBA (last year it was Jeff Bezos!)

It’s 2119. You’re invited to a formal affair at a space colony on the Moon or Mars. What on Earth (or space) will you wear? The first three Space Cowboy Balls were a rousing success. The 2019 edition will be a must-attend event of both the space and Austin celebrity year.

Space has been too boring for too long. We are committed to both the technology and culture of tomorrow. From tux to tech, all are welcome to our celebration of the future. It’s a little like a second Halloween, this time for grown ups, space geeks and cos play gamers. From the Expanse to Serenity, Star Wars to Star Trek, and all the best science fiction futures in between, come join us on a micro-Burning Man rocket ride. We’ll give out some awards, eat some great barbeque and then we Party!

Venue and Location

The Bullock Texas State History Museum

We’re thrilled to be holding this year’s events at the Bullock Texas State History Museum, an amazing venue that will surely elevate the event to new levels. It is a legendary icon, with three stories of galleries, a spiral staircase, and a Grand Lobby for the Space Cowboy Ball, an IMAX theater, and many other amenities and event spaces. During our events, the museum will also be featuring two highly relevant exhibits, Beyond Planet Earth and Cowboys in Space.



DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Austin
The Austin DoubleTree is an all-suite hotel in the downtown business district, just minutes from all the city has to offer. The hotel will provide an on-demand shuttle for guests attending the New Worlds Conference, taking them from the hotel to the conference venue, at the Bullock Texas State History Museum. Please click here to reserve your discounted hotel room today. If you prefer to make reservations over the phone, mention the Group Code EFN.

Phone: +1 800-222-8733

303 W. 15th Street, Austin, Texas 78701-1692, USA

Countdown to New Worlds 2019

November 15th and 16th








New Worlds Registration

Tickets price range from $75 for just one day to $300 for the two days, plus two VIP lunches, and a ticket to the VIP Gala.

New Worlds Conference 2019

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Space Cowboy Ball

Choose this option if you’d like to register for the Space Cowboy Ball only, on Saturday night. Tickets can be purchased individually, or by the table (8 seats). Corporate sponsorships are also available.

College Student Rates

We understand if you are a college student and have no money left after paying for your Spotify, pizza and beer. We also know that you are the ones who will help create the future. If you have a student ID, you can attend New Worlds for as low as $45 a day!

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New Worlds Conference and New Worlds Institute are part of the EarthLight Foundation, an international 501c3 charitable education and research organization registered with the IRS and the Texas Secretary of State. EarthLight and its affiliates and DBAs do not participate in lobbying or any political or direct advocacy or other policy activities. Our Mission is to catalyze, facilitate, enable and help lead the human settlement of space.

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